About Ana

Graduation in Nutrition from Centro Universitário São Camilo (BRA).

Post-graduation in Clinical Nutrition and Maternal and Child Nutrition.

Specialization in Metabolic Evaluation and Interpretation of Laboratory Tests.

Studies in Yoga and Meditation.

Knowledge in Ayurveda.


CRN-3 4816

Since my graduation, the medical universe has been my reference. Working in a children's hospital or working within large pharmaceutical and food companies, the constant contact with researchers, doctors, patients and health teams made me study hard to properly perform my duties.

I read many articles, participated in congresses inside and outside the country, took part in team meetings, visited hospitals and production lines in medicine and food factories and went through various technical training.

All of this throughout my 30-year career.

All this professional experience, associated with the natural learning of life, made me establish a bridge between theory and daily practice - since it would be impossible to convince the young son with scientific arguments to eat tomatoes because "it's rich in lycopene"!

That is why, in my conduct, food orientation is focused on key points and their practical application. Time is short and there is a lot of important things to experience. Food is to be enjoyed and should not be a problem.


Your concerns should be directed to your family, your work, your leisure. Rather than occupying your mind trying to discover the magic formula for good nutrition or following unscientific advice from well-intentioned people, allow yourself to receive qualified, experienced and thoughtful care. You will feel the difference.